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Fly into the Eclipse path to see the Total Solar Eclipse from our chartered aircraft!
June 25-July 4, 2019 - with Optional Bora Bora Extension
July 3-7, 2019.
Call now for reservations!
Only 18 spaces available!
Phone Taunya (800) 252-4910.

Tahiti Solar Eclipse Expedition


See the July 2, 2019 Total Eclipse with Betchart & The Planetary Society!

Dear Friends:
On July 2, 2019, a Total Solar Eclipse will cross the Pacific, just east of the Gambier Islands (part of French Polynesia) and continue over the Pacific to La Serena, Chile, and across the Andes.


In 2019, we offer you two outstanding opportunities to see this Total Eclipse,one by air east of Tahiti, near the Gambier Islands, and the other on land near La Serena. Both are truly unique and exceptional programs!

For the Tahiti program, we will enjoy the delights of Tahiti and Moorea, and then take charter flights to the Gambier Islands.We will be hosted by the Polynesian villagers, including a festival of music, food, and dancing, with flights July 2nd to and along the Eclipse path! (Like we did for the Iceland Eclipse in 2015, which was enormously successful!)

In Chile, we will stay at a Hacienda, and a second fine lodge, and will see Fray Jorge National Park, the renowned Elqui Valley, and Cerro Tololo astronomical observatory.

We will all participate in an Eclipse presentation we are giving the community of Ovalle, including hundreds of pairs of eclipse glasses for the children. The next day, we will see the Total Eclipse as it passes over Chile.

We invite you to join one of these wonderful Eclipse adventures!

Space is limited on both programs, so please contact us right away for reservations!
(800) 252-4910.





June 1-8, 2019 ABOARD NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC QUEST with optional Denali post-trip, June 8-14, 2019


Traveler Testimonial
Aegean 2016 Expedition
"Margaret, this has been a beyond-fabulous trip.  All of us, even including the littlest ones, had an amazing time. I will write with more detail after returning but for now I will just say that for all of us the trip far exceeded the high anticipations we started out with. Everything was terrific.



 Plant Enthusiasts

We invite you to review our many trips for plant enthusiasts on this
special Betchart botanical web site. Please let us know if you would like to schedule a trip for your non-profit organization.



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Cougar strolling outside the fence around Betchart home/office/vineyard property on Montebello Ridge, Cupertino 12/21/17
May 30, 2018 we had our 8th cougar stroll past our wildlife camera
                since Dec 16th, 2017!    At 8:38 in the morning no less! 




3 ways to see the 2019 eclipse

Bora Bora

Tahiti Solar Eclipse2019

Chile Eclipse Trip 2019

Northern Greece Expedition


Join us... In the coming year on excellent expedition voyages and journeys of discovery. You will travel with members of AAAS, Sigma Xi, ACS, the Planetary Society, and friends of Betchart Expeditions Inc. to outstanding locations worldwide. Travel with groups of like-minded travelers and stimulating scientific experts who share a love of learning, discovery, and adventure. We invite members and non-members to participate!

Families and Friends... Many of our expeditions provide wonderful opportunities for families and friends to enjoy adventures together. Each expedition offers a variety of experiences with much to appeal to a wide range of interests. Along with our experts and local guides your family and friends will have an exciting, educational, once-in-a-lifetime adventure!


Betchart Expeditions goes solar!
Sunrise over the solar panels 12/18/17

Solar Panels

Betchart Expedition/TIGHAR IN SEARCH OF AMELIA EARHART Trip to Nikumaroro 2015. A video summary of the experiences of those passengers on the 2015 trip to Nikumaroro by Betchart Expeditions and TIGHAR. TIGHAR is working to confirm the hypothesis that Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan landed on Nikumaroro in 1937 and perished on the island.

SEE VIDEO Amelia Earhart

March 2012
Thanks to Brad Josephs




Discover the heritage of Armenia & Georgia on the Black Sea!
May 28-June 13, 2019

Channel Islands


Airfare only $999 from SFO
for new bookings by 
September 30, 2018

Explore the Jewel of the Indian Ocean!
Natural Heritage & Cultural Wonders
January 25-February 7, 2019Sri Lanka Leopard


Betchart Expeditions 2019 Highlights!
& a Peek at January 2020!



Private Trips for Families & Friends

Grand Tetons

We have taken families and friends on private trips to many destinations. Here are some of them! Take your pick, and we can organize a memorable celebration for your family to share, too!

  • Tetons & Yellowstone: Grizzlies, river rafting, geysers
  • India Wildlife Safari: Tigers & cultural hotspots
  • Galapagos Islands: On private yachts or big cruise ships
  • Greece & the Cyclades: On sailing yachts in the Cyclades or to Athens & Santorini for the extraordinary view
  • Vietnam - Angkor Wat & Bangkok
  • Chile & Patagonia: Paine National Park & more
  • Costa Rica: Monkeys, national parks, & birds
  • Cuba: A cultural extravaganza
  • Tanzania Wildlife Safari (a great anniversary trip!)
  • Botswana & the Okavango Delta
  • Mongolia: Spectacular landscapes & unique heritage
  • Alaska: Wildlife, national parks & heritage SE Alaska ship trips
  • Hawaii: Volcanoes, plants, & heritage
  • China: Beijing, Xian & many other options

For Astronomy & Eclipse Enthusiasts

Visit our Web site: SolarEclipseTrips.com
Our trips for eclipse and astronomy enthusiasts are designed to travel to prime viewing areas that provide the best opportunities to meet scientists and to view the aurora borealis, meteor showers, or eclipses with clear skies. We invite guest experts to provide you with detailed information, handouts, briefings, and solar glasses (when recommended). You will also see and enjoy the surrounding cultures, archaeological or historical wonders, natural history, and scenic landscapes of the area with like-minded individuals who enjoy seeing the aurora, meteor showers, or eclipses as much as you do!

Traveler's Corner

Exciting news! Betchart Past Travelers now have a place where they can share their expedition experiences and pictures.

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University Study Abroad Trips & Private Trips

We organize University Study Abroad trips for teachers or students in China. If your university might be interested, please let us know. We also organize private family trips to Costa Rica, to the Galapagos Islands (on 20- or 40-passenger yachts, or on cruise ships), or on Safari in Africa, or in India.

Scientific Conferences

We can organize scientific conferences in Galapagos, Easter Island, Costa Rica, and other places which combine your normal meeting agenda with an excellent educational travel experience. Please



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