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Historic Kyoto & Nararom!
including Takayama in the Japanese Alps
Historic kyoto & Nara
May 12-24, 2019

Join us! Come explore the heritage and delights of the amazing country of Japan!

  • Visit World Heritage Sites and National Treasures, palaces, and gardens. Venture up Mt. Fuji to the 5th station, and ferry across the Inland Sea to the Itsukushima Shrine on the little island of Miyajima.


  • Take the Express Train to Nagoya and Kyoto, and the Komagatake Ropeway (cable car) to the summit of Mt. Komagatake for spectacular views. Venture out on Lake Ashi for more spectacular views of Mt Fuji.
  • Revel in the magnificence of modern Tokyo and the Tokyo Tower and the contrasting sublime beauty of the Imperial Palace Plaza and gardens.
  • Discover the ancient heritage of Japan in Takayama in the Japanese Alps, and in historic Kyoto and Nara.
  • Travel with an excellent national guide and a multilingual expedition leader who is very comfortable in Asian cultures and who can help you get the most out of your trip to Japan.

Please join us for a delightful adventure in Japan with a great variety of memorable experiences!

$5,695 plus air

Brochure (PDF)

Japan Japan
Photos courtesy of Cynthia Gould



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