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Delphin II
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Delphin II
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Amazon Expedition
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December 2-11, 2017 - SOLD OUT

October 20-29, 2018 - Explore the archaeological, natural, and cultural wonders of Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima on our optional Peru pre-trip extension, October 15-20, 2018.

In an era when most of the Earth’s surface has been mapped by satellite, one could argue that the Upper Amazon is the ultimate holdout—a bastion of mystery that resists technological intrusion. Hidden under a dense jungle canopy, this region is a vast floodplain forest. The river levels can rise and fall by several feet overnight, creating new networks of waterways or revealing new forest trails—each one never before explored by kayaker or hiker. Ever changing, this wilderness defies the mapmakers, and offers us a chance for genuine exploration.
Amazon Trip Map

The Delfin II river ship is agile enough to sail up winding, wildlife-rich tributaries, while an onboard fleet of skiffs and kayaks allows us to venture even further afield. You’ll find the ship is more than comfortable as our base camp, offering spacious, modern interiors and artful locally crafted accents. The air-conditioned top deck is an ideal place to spend the afternoon, watching the riverscapes glide by, and the open decks are perfect for catching the cooling evening breeze and sounds of the jungle.

The staff, unmatched in the region, will be the key to your experience. You’ll go with a veteran expedition leader, a National Geographic guest speaker, and a Lindblad- National Geographic certified photo instructor—a naturalist who is specially trained to help you capitalize on the rare wildlife sightings while shooting in the often challenging conditions of the rain forest. In fact, many of the photos featured in this brochure were taken during an October 2016 voyage. And our handpicked local guides are especially skilled at finding wildlife, since most of them grew up along the river, and they are the most gracious hosts when we enter villages along the river.


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P.S. Take advantage of your proximity to explore the archaeological, natural, and cultural wonders of Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima on our optional Peru pre-trip extension, October 15-20, 2018. Call for details, 800-252-4910.

From $6990 pp share in a Suite + air

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Amazon Expedition
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