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Photographs by Bill Rhoten and Margaret Betchart

Peru extension photo courtesy of Veronica



Aboard National Geographic Islander or Endeavour

December 8-17, 2017 - Aboard the National Geographic Endeavour II. Book now for a free round trip air from Miami/Guayaquil/Galapagos/Guayaquil/Miami. A $970 value!

PERU PRE-TRIP to your Galapagos Islands Expedition
Including Machu Picchu, Cuzco Moray, Chincheros, and more!
December 2-8, 2017

Dear Members and Friends,
Galápagos is a life-list must. It is legendary for its unique wildlife that has never developed an instinctive flight response to humans, making for incredible up-close encounters and photos.

The experience we offer in Galápagos is different. It is deeper, more immersive, and more holistic. We go aboard a genuine expedition ship with a team of top naturalists, an undersea specialist, and a photo instructor who share more of the wild wonders.

Each day you’ll explore a new island, getting close to the rare endemic wildlife. And nearly every day, you’ll have the opportunity to discover the undersea by snorkeling at sites that teem with fish, sea lions, or sea turtles—and all your snorkeling gear is provided so there’s no need to tote your own. We’ll go with a host of tools that let us explore deeper: video microscopes to see what makes the seas so rich, a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that dives deep to show us the benthic world far beyond the range of even scuba divers. We have kayaks for peaceful paddling outings in sunken calderas and calm coves, and a fleet of Zodiacs to venture to wild shorelines and secluded beaches.

You will enjoy a great degree of choice in your exploration: join the Zodiac cruise with the birders or the photographers; take long walks or short ones; explore in a kayak or through your viewfinder; indulge in active days or skip an afternoon hike to unwind with a massage.

There is no place else on Earth like Galápagos—I hope you’ll join us to explore the wonders of these islands. Plus we invite you on our optional extension to Peru, exploring the archaeological and cultural wonders in Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima. To make your reservation, please return the enclosed reservation form or call 800-252-4910.


Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions, Inc.,
For AAAS Travels, ACS and Sigma Xi Expeditions

From $6,960 plus air.

December 8-17, 2017 Brochure

December 2-8, 2017 Peru Pre-Trip Brochure


Photo courtesy of David Morrison



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