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Aboard National Geographic M/V Islander

February 1-8, 2020 - With Peru Pre-Trip, January 26-February 1, 2020!

February 6-13, 2020

August 6-12, 2020

Galápagos is a dream destination for many travelers, but not everyone has the luxury of time to commit to an extended voyage. That is why we are delighted to introduce a new shorter itinerary. Now those who have yearned to experience the wonders and wildlife of this magical place don’t have to miss out—you can see, do, and discover it all in one exhilarating adventure-packed expedition and do it in just one week.

Galápagos Map

You’ll have encounters with the endemic wildlife that lacks an instinctive fear of humans, explore a vibrant and unique undersea, and observe diverse geological wonders from stark volcanic landscapes to lush, green highlands. Galápagos is ideal for active exploration-- kayak along rocky shores keeping watch for passing sea turtles, snorkel with playful sea lions, hike lava fields crowded with basking marine iguanas, or take a sunset Zodiac cruise around islands teeming with birdlife.

Travel aboard the National Geographic Islander, a 24-cabin yacht-like expedition ship equipped with a suite of cool tools that lets you experience the islands with all your senses. You’ll share the adventure with Betchart naturalist and Galápagos expert Mike Jackson, plus a veteran team of naturalists who will enhance your understanding and appreciation for this exceptional destination. Another advantage is the onboard Lindblad-National Geographic
certified photo instructor, a specially trained naturalist who will help to improve your skills and ensure you go home with incredible photos.

I hope you will join us to discover these magical islands, February 1-8, 2020. Then why not take advantage of your proximity and join the optional pre-trip to Peru’s Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima, January 26-February 1, 2020. To reserve your space on the Wild Galápagos Escape voyage, please return the reservation form or call 800-252-4910.


Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions, Inc.,
For AAAS Travels, ACS and Sigma Xi Expeditions www.betchartexpeditions.com

From $5,800 per person share in Category 1, plus air fare.

Brochure (PDF)


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