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This expendition will include the replica of the renowned Chauvet Cave, opened to the public in spring 2015!

Including Lascaux II & Rouffignac
May 12-25, 2017 - SOLD OUT

Dear Friends:

We invite you to join Mark Walters on this very special expedition to explore Wild & Prehistoric France!

Discover wild areas and prehistoric sites in Haute Provence, the Massif Central, and the Dordogne, including spectacular gorge country populated by raptors, remote villages, and images of the greatest cave paintings in Europe at Lascaux II.

In Quinson in Haute Provence, explore the Musée de Préhistoire and the spectacular Gorges du Verdon. Then depart for the Massif Central and its relatively unexplored plateauland, Les Causses, interspersed with breathtaking gorges and numerous prehistoric dolmen and stone circles.

In the town of Roquefort, see the standing stone and look for blackcaps, woodpeckers, firecrests and other woodland bird species. Then explore the Causses and the geologic wonder of Cirque de Navacelles. Learn about the griffon vulture reintroduction program at Gorges de la Jonte, and the prehistory of ancient Millau, an important crossroads in antiquity.

Wild France

Explore the Vezère Valley, a hot-spot for prehistoric finds of both Neanderthal and Cro-magnon man. Enjoy a picnic and walk on the Grand Randonner. See the cave paintings in Lascaux II, then follow the river to another spectacular cave, Rouffignac. The trip will culminate in Provence in Arles, Fontvieille, and Les Baux, a spectacular medieval town with wonderful views across the Camargue and Rhone Valley.

Join us for an extraordinary adventure in France!


Margaret M. Betchart
For AAAS Travels & Sigma Xi Expeditions

$3,995 plus air.

Brochure (Requires an Adobe pdf reader to view)



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