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May 16-23, 2024

Exploring this mecca for wildlife in the spring is an amazing experience! The bison have calved their baby “red dogs” and hundreds of bison are gathered in the Lamar Valley. Grizzlies have emerged from their winter dens with their cubs, and black bears may sometimes be seen along the forest edges. New pups of the wolf pack in northern Yellowstone may be out and about. Big horn sheep may be gathered on Miller Butte in the Grand Tetons.
With a backdrop of the stunning peaks of the Grand Tetons, the park has just awakened from the winter snowpack and wildflowers are emerging. Snow may still be seen in the high country in Yellowstone, where bison and other wildlife gather in the lower elevations.

Grand Teton Map

Leading this expedition will be a superb educator, wildlife biologist Dr. Rich Harris. Rich is a Professor at the University of Montana in the Wildlife Biology Program, and has served as Grizzly Bear Planning Coordinator for the State of Montana.
He has also done wildlife research in China, Tibet, and Mongolia. Rich will be joined by a geologist knowledgeable about the fascinating geology of the Tetons and Yellowstone. 

Our adventure will begin in Jackson Hole, Wyoming shortly after 5 pm, in time for our welcome dinner.
The next day we’ll explore Grand Teton National Park, including Jenny Lake. We may stroll along the lake to the moose ponds, or possibly walk to Taggart Lake. The vistas of the Tetons are simply staggering and it will be fascinating to hear our geologist’s overview of the geologic history of the Tetons. We hope to attend the Indian powwow in Jackson this evening. This is a dazzling fiesta of Indian dancing

This morning, the Antler Fest will take over the town square in Jackson. Each spring, the Boy Scouts gather the “sheds” of the elk antlers in the National Elk Refuge (just across from our lodging). The antlers are sold at the Antler Fest to support the Boy Scouts and raise funds to buy feed for the elk for next winter (they raised over $200,000 at the antler auction this year.) Thousands of elk overwinter in the refuge along with other wildlife.

We’ll then head to Rendezvous Peak for a tram ride to the top of the peak and a mountain top vies all of Jackson Hole spread out 4,000 feet below us. In late afternoon, we’ll head for Miller Butte to look for the Big Horn sheep.

The expedition will continue towards the north, with a day in the Grand Tetons looking for Grizzly 399, bison and antelope.

Continue to  Yellowstone to see the famous geothermal features.  We will travel slowly with opportunities to look for  extraordinary wildlife such as Bison and Wolves in the Lamar Valley.

What to expect: A wonderful outdoorsy adventure in these national parks. We will delight in these geologic wonderlands, and in the wildlife. and learn about the history of these fascinating parks. Travel in 15-passenger vans with excellent naturalist leaders. Lodging at lovely rustic lodges. 

$3,995 per person twin share + air.

Brochure (PDF)


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