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New puppies
Our new 11-wk old
Great Pyrenees puppies:
Mariah (f. on the left) and Tioga (m. on the right)
at Doran Beach with Margaret's buddy Bob Draper

Expeditions by Location
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  Central & South America
  Europe, Russia & the Arctic
  North America-

Bear Valley/Lake Alpine 2/6/21
Tioga on your left; Margaret center;
Mariah on your right.

Margaret Betchart with Art Carty and Tom King on the Amelia Earhart 2015 Expedition

Bill Betchart
Bill Betchart
7/16/43 - 2/3/17
Water resources engineer, climate change lobbyist, and one of Margaret's right hands at Betchart Expeditions.

Letter of Commendation for Bill Betchart from the County Board of Supervisors

Bill & Margaret Betchart with their
11 week old Great Pyrenees Spicer and Brandy

Margaret, Spicer and Brandy

Great Pyrenees Rescue Award
Margaret receiving an Award from Pam Tobin, Sierra Pacific Great Pyrenees Rescue, for three years of Christmas Matching Grants to support their rescue group.  In 2016, they placed 161 rescue Pyrenees!

Puppies Pandemonium
By Peter Opitz, age 9, Middleton, Wisconsin



Space Shuttle 2012
9/21/12 Space Shuttle Endeavor fly over at NASA
Ames seen near Betchart Office


About Us
Betchart Expeditions Inc. specializes in natural history expeditions worldwide for friends of Betchart and members of museums, zoos, conservation organizations, and scientific professional organizations. All expeditions are led by excellent naturalists, archaeologists, anthropologists, or social scientists, and are known for the outstanding, unique itineraries, and special contacts with local scientists, conservationists, and other key personalities. We offer trips to all seven continents, from Alaska to Antarctica, Greece to Siberia, Greenland to Backroads China, plus the Arctic. Every year there are new trips to capture the interest of our travelers and non-profit clients.


Bob Draper and Margaret Betchart with Chris Carpenter and his wife Tingting,
Balboa Island, CA  April 7, 2019!

Margaret, Spicer & Brandy

 The Office Crew out for a night on the town at Pentatonix!

Margaret Betchart kayaking the lagoon at Nikumaroro Island on Amelia Earhart 2015

Bob Nansen and Margaret Betchart at the AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago February 2014.

Taunya holding an Eagle in Mongolia

Taunya - Air Boss

Terri and Family
Lori - Terri's Sister

Suzanne - our cruise specialist
Ellen, the bookkeeper, with helpers. 
Click for her website
Bob in New Guinea
Bob Nansen
Bill Betchart and Citizen Climate Lobby
Bob in Galapagos in the 1970s
Bill Betchart and Citizen Climate Lobby
Bill Betchart and Citizen Climate Lobby members speak with Congresswoman Anna Eshoo June 21, 2016 in her offices in Washington DC about possible climate change legislation.
April with Miami skyline
April - our Artist

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