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Dendara & Abydos

November 4-16, 2023
Optional Abu Simbel Extension November 15, 2023

Optional Red Sea Extension November 16-19, 2023

Dear Travelers!

Join us!…as we discover the extraordinary antiquities and colossal monuments of Egypt.

It is a great time to go to Egypt as the world reawakens after the COVID-19 crisis.  Egypt is simply not to be missed.

This program will include exciting recent discoveries in Egypt in addition to the wonders of the pyramids and ancient Egypt.  This year we will also include two outstanding sites in Upper Egypt, Dendara and Abydos.

The expedition offers an excellent introduction from the land and life of ancient Egypt to the ultimate monuments of the Old Kingdom, the Great Pyramids and Sphinx!

Discover the great stone ramparts of the Temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel, built during the New Kingdom, on the Abu Simbel Extension.

Led by an excellent Egyptologist guide, learn about the history of ancient Egypt, including a 4-night cruise on the Nile.  Explore the Valley of the Kings at Thebes, where tombs of more than 60 pharaohs have been discovered.  On the opposite bank of the Nile at Luxor and Karnak, see the splendor and glory of Egypt during the finest hour of the New Kingdom.

There will also be opportunities to learn about contemporary Egyptian life, to marvel at the grace and beauty of feluccas at sail on the Nile, and to discover the desert shores of the Nile and Red Sea on the post-trip extension.

Join us!  ….for a treasured holiday in Egypt

$4,995 plus air

Brochure (PDF)

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