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Roman heritage of North Africa in Algeria!

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Roman Ruins

Brass Bender

Roman Ruins

Explore the fascinating Roman heritage of North Africa in Algeria!

May 4-17, 2023

Book Morocco and Algeria together, and your flight between them is free!
All travelers will receive a copy of Dr. Kenrick’s book on the classical sites of Algeria!

Join us! And explore the fascinating Roman heritage of North Africa in Algeria with archaeological expert Dr. Philip Kenrick.

The Romans established the province of Africa in 146 BCE after the defeat of Carthage and ruled North Africa for over 500 years. They established trading posts and colonies along the coast of Algeria and inland.

On this adventure, we’ll discover a dozen archaeological sites, including 4 World Heritage Sites—the Casbah in Algiers, coastal Tipasa, and Cuicul (Djemila) and Timgad in Numidia. The sites are extensive and offer superb examples of Roman town gates, planning, amphitheaters, baths, with spectacular mosaics.

We will be traveling with archaeologist Dr. Philip Kenrick, one of the world’s finest scholars on the region, co-author of the recent book on the Classical Antiquities of Algeria. Come with us and explore a truly fascinating part of the world, and discover the Roman wonders of Algeria.

We hope you will be able to join us!


Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions Inc.
for AAAS, Sigma Xi & ACS

$5,995 per person twin share + air.

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