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Greenland village









On Board M/V Hondius

September 9-20, 2021

We have the wonderful opportunity in September 2021 to explore the longest fjord in the world -- Scoresbysund -- in East Greenland on board the splendid new vessel, M/V Hondius.

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Our long time colleague Dr. Ko De Korte did his Ph.D. research in Greenland, and has spoken with us many times about the magnificence of Greenland, the Inuit people who live there, and spectacle of the mountains, glaciers, icebergs, and wildlife that can be found there. He cherishes the people of East Greenland, and has published a book with images from the 1970’s of the Inuit people - his friends!

In Fall 2018 I was in West Greenland and can only
say Greenland is extraordinary! I very much hope you can take advantage of this opportunity and join us to explore Greenland in Fall 2020!

Our program will begin with three days in Iceland, an altogether remarkable country. The tundra will be in fall color and some evenings the Aurora Borealis may dazzle us with green waves dancing across the night sky!

I do hope you will join us!

Best Regards,

Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions Inc.
for AAAS, Sigma Xi, ACS & the Planetary Society

Starting at $4,500 + air

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