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Delphin II
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Delphin II
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Amazon Expedition
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October 30-Novovember 8, 2021

2019 Amazon travelers
2019 Betchart Expeditions group
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There’s a sense of enchantment about being out on the fabled Amazon River, as you listen to the symphony of noises emanating from the depths of the jungle. Part of the mystery of the Amazon is the fact that the omnipresent wildlife is so skilled at concealment; but as you get the hang of spotting, trying to outdo your guide, your excitement will quickly escalate.
Amazon Trip Map

Join us for an exploration of Peru’s massively biodiverse Pacaya-Samiria Reserve aboard the Delfin II, the perfect platform for discovering this living, breathing forest. This exquisite, 28-guest ship is specially designed for the river environment and to keep you connected to it—open, airy decks and spacious cabins, each with an expansive window wall, afford nonstop views of life along the Amazon. Delfin II is equipped with comfortable, custom-made skiffs that are able to thread through narrow canopied waterways. Plus, she carries a fleet of kayaks, providing rare, intimate experiences with this magical environment.

Each day you will have rewarding natural history experiences and meaningful cultural encounters with the people who call the river home. And you’ll return to the ship’s cool confines to enjoy wonderful company, music, and excellent meals that highlight the remarkable flavors of the region.

The staff, unmatched in the region, will be the key to your experience. You’ll go with a veteran expedition leader and a Lindblad-National Geographic certified photo instructor—a naturalist who is specially trained to help you capitalize on the rare wildlife sightings while shooting in the often-challenging conditions of the rain forest. The handpicked local guides are especially skilled at finding wildlife, since most of them grew up along the river, and they are the most gracious hosts when you enter villages along the river.

The Amazon is an all-five-senses travel experience unlike anything else. I hope you’ll join us on this voyage, October 2020. To make your reservation, please return the enclosed reservation form or call 800-252-4910.


Margaret M. Betchart
President, Betchart Expeditions, Inc.,
For AAAS Travels, ACS and Sigma Xi Expeditions www.betchartexpeditions.com

EXTEND YOUR ADVENTURE: Make the most of your time in the region by combining your Upper Amazon expedition with a pre-trip to Machu Picchu & Peru’s Land of the Incas, October 2020. Call for details, (800) 252-4910.

2020 Brochure (PDF)

Amazon Expedition
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