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A China that is hinted about, but rarely seen!

Please note that the following text and pictures are representative only. They do not describe this exact trip.

Join us as we discover a China that is hinted about, and almost never seen! Nestled in Southwestern China, edging 18,000-ft. Himalayan peaks, is the most scenic, spectacular, and culturally rich area in China-Yunnan Province. More distinct ethnic groups live here, drawn through history by the Burma Road, than in any other area of the country. The area also has enormous biological diversity. Six hundred of the world's azalea species are found here. You will meet many other special people, from farmers and herb doctors, to shopkeepers, and monks. Leaving Kunming, we will travel toward the Himalayas, Dali, and remote Lijiang. We will be totally off the western hotel circuit. In Lijiang, we will discover the Naxi, descendants of Tibetan Buddhists, who have developed a distinctive cultural tradition centered on life in the isolated, visually stunning Lijiang Valley. We will then travel to remote Zhongdian at the edge of the Tibetan Plateau, recently opened to the outside world, for unforgettable cultural experiences. Please join us on this expedition and discover a China that is hinted about, and almost never seen!

Photos courtesy of John Perry



Introduction | Kunming | Dian Chi Lake | Burma Road | Dali
Shapin & Lijiang | Lijiang | Jade Dragon Mountains & Lijiang
Lijiang to Zhongdian | Zhongdian | Zhongdian & Kunming

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