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wild Baja whales
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wild Baja whales
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wild Baja whales
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wild Baja whales
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wild Baja whales
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wild Baja whales
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FEBRUARY 7-12, 2022

Magdalena Bay is well known as one of three lagoons on Baja California’s Pacific coast that becomes home to over 20,000 California gray whales each winter. This extraordinary inland water system is absolutely the best place to view this remarkable gathering. Mid-January until early April is the season for the whales, and our voyage there aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird occurs at peak time for possible encounters with active, curious calves and mothers.

Wild Baja Expedition Map

Although never guaranteed, the phenomenon known as “friendly whales” was first documented in 1972. These encounters have increased over the years, becoming quite common. Our visit is timed to provide us with the greatest chance to observe and, if we are fortunate, interact with these overwintering cetaceans.

Explorations of Magdalena Bay traditionally have been a part of longer voyages around Baja California. But now, for the first time, you have an opportunity to focus on this remarkable place, and with a nimble and comfortable expedition ship as your base camp.

Magdalena Bay is so much more than the gray whales. There are untouched beaches that go on for miles, full of shells and sand dollars; sand dunes which are spectacular to explore by day and, if you wish, by night when all kinds of critters emerge; intricate, intimate mangrove channels to explore by Zodiac or kayak; and seabirds–large flocks of grebes, pelicans, and frigatebirds. As an added bonus for those shy about being in open ocean, rest assured, you will always be in protected waters.

Magdalena Bay is a jewel of contained natural wonder. I hope this brochure gives you a good sense for what’s in store–very close by but as exotic as it gets. To reserve your space, please send in the reservation form or call 800-252-4910.


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